Work Source

One’s skills and job aspirations do not disappear when mental illness strikes. Most individuals still want to work, to receive a competitive wage, to contribute to the success of his/her employer, and to be a contributing member of the community.


At Community Alliance, we can provide the extra help and support that may mean the difference in successfully returning to work. Finding the job that meets your skills and career goals, meeting your supervisor’s expectations, interacting with your co-workers, taking on new responsibilities, and even negotiating the transition between public assistance to tax-paying citizen - these are all areas where WorkSource can help. And you can participate in the WorkSource program as part of, or independent of any other Community Alliance service.

Community Alliance works with area employers and with Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation, providing the individualized training and supports that will increase the chances of success in the competitive workplace.


Returning to work is a very real possibility! Let us help you to achieve this very important milestone in your journey towards recovery. 
To learn more about our WorkSource program, please contact us at 402-341-5128.

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