Residential Rehabilitation

For someone just leaving the hospital or struggling with recurring symptoms of their illness, sometimes the journey towards recovery can be aided by living within a safe, supportive, rehabilitative environment where services and supports are available twenty-four hours a day. That is what Community Alliance’s Residential Rehabilitation services can offer.
Community Alliance operates a number of supervised group living residences in the metropolitan Omaha area where individuals can learn the personal habits and practical skills needed for stability, recovery, and future success in more independent living. Each residence is located in a neighborhood setting and is designed to offer a sense of community and support among peers.
Staff work with residents on an individualized basis, helping to build individual strengths, make effective choices, and become more involved in their community as they continue their personal recovery process. One can also develop social relationships, friendships and peer supports as everyone works together to keep the residence running smoothly, including planning and preparing meals, sharing household tasks and activities, and establishing house rules and routines. 
To learn more about our Residential Rehabilitation program, contact us at 402-341-5128.