Peer Support

While sometimes the journey towards recovery can seem overwhelming, having someone by your side that has traveled a similar road can ease the process. That is what peer support is all about. A peer is someone who has been there, who can provide understanding, resources, and hands-on support from the perspective a real-life experience. 

Trained peer specialists are role models in the recovery process. They are available to listen, lend a helpful hand, and serve as an advocate and navigator through the system. They can offer pragmatic strategies to coping with the illness, work with the individual to achieve greater self-confidence, and help in the development and practice of self-directed wellness and recovery plans.

Whether walking through Community Alliance’s door for the first time, adapting to a new home and new responsibilities, or returning to the workforce and facing stressors on the job, a peer specialist is available to help.

For more information about peer support services,
please contact us at 402-341-5128.


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