Our Services

Recovery from serious mental illness or a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder can be seen as a life-long journey, beginning with diagnosis and medical treatment, and progressing one step at a time towards successfully managing the illness, restoring strength, and ultimately achieving one’s unique aspirations and goals. 

At Community Alliance, we see our role as a partner with those we serve, each of whom is on their own personal journey towards recovery.  Our programs and services are designed to allow choices among a range of options, and to provide each person with the individualized resources and supports needed to achieve the next milestone.









Each person’s goal may be different.  For some, it may mean regaining lost stamina and returning to work or school.  For others, it might be moving out of a homeless shelter into independent housing; or learning how to cook, clean, and balance a checkbook or feeling confident enough to purchase their own groceries for the first time.  Or perhaps, it may simply mean avoiding a relapse to hospitalization.  Whatever the goal, and wherever one may be starting on their journey, Community Alliance wants to be there to offer a helping hand.