About Us


Mental illness continues to touch one in four families in Nebraska and across our nation. At Community Alliance, our sole focus is, and always has been on adults with mental illness. Since 1981, this fact has separated us from more traditional social service agencies and treatment centers in the Omaha area.

We are an organization of over 250 dedicated, concerned professionals and volunteers who believe in the potential of recovery for all individuals with a mental illness and we dedicate all our resources to support the journey of each individual we serve. We work to provide programs and opportunities to encourage individuals to develop the strengths and skills to deal with their mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder. Additionally, we serve as an advocate with doctors, social service networks, and throughout the community. We go outside the walls of the hospital and our own facilities to support people in their own neighborhoods and communities, where the strengths and confidences we have helped them develop can be put into practice. We advocate with government and others for greater access to the life-restoring services and needed policy changes that can ease the journey being traveled by so many individuals with mental illness and their families. And we work to help erase the stigma and myths that still surround mental illness and which still serve as roadblocks along the road to recovery.

If you or someone you know has a mental illness, please contact us. We are here to offer both resources and hope throughout the very personal journey towards recovery.